The World Devils Only Know

Flag 1 : Press Start

After Ryoushi kept recieving letters from Dokurou Skull, which he initially all threw away, he finally gave in and signed the contract.

Suddenly, Mal, the Devil from the Spirit Countermeasure Force, rocket-propelled into Ryoushi’s classroom, giving 2 girls a concussion and Ryoushi a major headache.

After they’ve both been thrown out, Mal explains the situation to Ryoushi. Together they have to find and capture the Evil Spritis hiding in the gap of human’s hearts. Of course, the easiest way to get them out is through the power of love!

Mal then continued to follow her Skull Broach, which alerts her if any Evil Spirits are closeby. Having been thrown out the class, Ryoushi follows.

They both find themselves in the club building, where they enter a deserted classroom filled with sweet smell and vapours. In the middle of the classroom, they find Fumika Futen, which Ryoushi had met earlier on his trip to school.

After Fumika runs out of the classroom, uttering a soft “S-Sorry!”, they investigate, and find a small vial containing what seems to be a flower extract.

Concluding that her hobbies appear to be flowers and perfume, Ryoushi investigates and decides to visit the only flower related club in school : The Flower Arrangement Club. There he learns about flower arrangement from his friend Leila.

Ryoushi will recieve a permanent +1 on flower arrangement

Ryoushi got the bouquet he made, and he and Mal (who had to get herself in trouble with several of the teachers in the meantime) are now ready to start their journey into Fumika’s heart!!


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